First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Perhaps you have always known you were different, but couldn’t put your finger on it.  Maybe you have always known, but feared being viewd as “crazy,” so you’ve kept it hidden?  Whatever the reason, you are drawn to the possibility that you are an Earth Angel.  In fact, you probably have little doubt that you are such an amazing being.  You feel things on an intense level, you love harder than anyone, and the pain of a broken heart is almost too much to bear.  Even feeling the pain of others is nothing short of hell.  Having such intense feelings while struggling day to day, can be pretty taxing on the soul.  This is because you possess the heart of an angel.



Ok!  Here goes nothing!  Let’s see where this takes us?

Beautiful souls, how did you get here?  Probably the same way I did.  In search of other Earth Angels.  You may have always known you were different.  Feeling that you are meant for something special.  Something important.  Often feeling torn in regards to which path to take in life.  Sometimes asking yourself, “Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?”  You’ve wrestled with this horrible nagging feeling.  You know you’re not living up to your expectations.  You’re not fulfilling your life’s purpose.  If only someone would tell you, it would release such a heavy burden.  The weight of the world would be lifted off your shoulders.  How amazing would that be?  Yet, this knawing agony gets worse as the years go by, to no avail.  Leading to massive depression, loneliness, and never feeling whole.

Are you feeling lost?  Tired of not fitting in?  Feeling a strong pull, but not sure in which direction?  Do you want to find other Earth Angels?  Are you dying to connect with others, who may finally be the only ones to understand you?

Ok.  So, you find a site or two.  Now you feel like you finally are getting somewhere.  No!  Wait!  You need a membership?  A paid membership?  On a monthly basis?  Just to connect with others?  How does this seem fair?

Why not come together, and get to know one another, without trying to turn a profit?  After all; there is strength in numbers.  Why should souls as beautiful as we, be subjected to such (fill in the blank)?

If you are anything like me, you have been searching, and searching, but keep coming up empty.  Just trying to find anything on other Earth Angels is nearly impossible.  I had to change that.

If you are interested in connecting and making new friendships with other Earth Angels, than look no further.  Let’s feed off of each other.  Share newly learned information.  Figure out this crazy awakening together.

The highest of integrity is expected.  Loyalty and respect for one another.  Sincerety, kindness, truth, honesty, and devotion to each other, as we build friendships, and try to figure this thing out together.  And please, let’s keep it humble.  No ego’s please.  We are no more special than the next.  I’m sure each of us has something special within us to offer, that makes us unique.  That of which makes us great, individually.  Let’s share our experiences.  Compare notes.  Good or bad, if willing.  Its not a contest.  Some of us may not have had as many experiences.  Some awakenings are new.  We dont have to make ourselves look great to show off.  Remember the keyword, humble.  We already know we are great.  Let us find out what brought us to this point in our lives?  How did you know? Did you always know?  Let’s share, among others who won’t think you’re weird.

…and please,…no fakes! REAL EARTH ANGELS ONLY.

Are you with me?

Please comment, leave suggestions, anything.  I’m open to any and all suggestions on making this site better.  The ultimate goal is to find others at this point.  The rest can come later.

Forever loyal,

Tomboy Angel